Friday, May 20, 2016

Natalias Birthday

We had a quiet birthday party with just two people that came over. I just haven't met her friends parents and  I wasn't quite ready to have a giant party at my house for her. We deffiently missed being with family for her birthday. But I made her an awesome cake and she requested strawberry cake. I tried to make it as special as possible since we weren't in Oregon to celebrate with my parents. I made a banner out of leftover wrapping paper so when she got home she was surprised, and she had to walk through all those balloons. 

So with Natalias saved birthday money from Grandmas she decided it was time for a new pet. His name is Snowflake and he likes to squack alot but doesn't like to be held. He is perfectly content in his cage and I have decided to give up on trying to make him a nice bird. He bites hard. The girls are really good about keeping the door shut so Boots the cat can't get to him. We have had two instances where the cage is on the ground but Boots has quickly learned to stay out but we aren't taking any chances.

I also made chocolate covered strawberries, got colorful gumballs and sixlets. 
This was Natalias cake. It was an artist cake if you can't tell. I tried it was hard and it was stressful. Originally I was going to cover it in fondant. Well humidity and me are not friends in that department. It's going to take some practice. Those are paintbrushes and pencils if you were wondering. Natalia thought it was pretty cool that's all that matters.

Monday, May 16, 2016

Our New Home.... in Kentucky

Like I said previously this move has been hard for me. I love Oregon and that's where my heart will always be and I love the Coast. It was my dream to live on the Oregon Coast so when we were moving there I new it was forever... or so I thought. I've had my moments of tears and anger and fear. Especially with mutant bugs. I swear the bugs here are on steroids.

Anyway, the place we get to live is super pretty and we have neighborhood pets. They are ducks and the female just had ducklings. They have already come to visit us at our front door.
I really like the layout of the house and it's deffiantly an upgrade to where we were living. I have my music room (which is a normal persons formal living room) which going to come in handy now that I'm going back to school in the fall. I have been accepted and will be getting my Masters in Vocal Performance. Pretty exciting.

So as hard as this move has been there's already been blessings like a nicer place to live, a music room, and a dream to get my masters. Some of these pictures are from before our stuff was moved in and I have some Easter and St. Patricks day mixed in.

Who doesn't love this cake? We had to have it for Easter dinner.

Our neighborhood pets. The previous owners used to feed the ducks from what I've been told. So when new people moved in they came right over.
Easter egg hunt. It just wasn't the same without my grandparents but the kids had fun. I stayed close to the doors since the bee problem was really bad that day. We have since had someone come and spray and take care of them. It's so much better.
Our laundry room. I love having a laundry room. I'm alot better at staying on top of it. I love the sliding closet doors on the laundry room. We don't ever close them completely because it's also where our cats stuff is. More Easter and another visitor. This toad hung out by our front door for almost a week and the kids would poke at him tyring to get him to jump and he would just puff up and stay put. The front entry and the kitchen. I love the hard wood floor and I love the kitchen. It's probably the same size as our kitchen in Florence but it's open and has a small pantry and so much prettier. I love the old painted cabinets.
  I am in love with these shutters. They are so pretty and give enough privacy that I don't have to put blinds up and can keep as much natuaral light as possible. The other picture is looking from the kitchen. The pantry door is on the right and the closet doors are the laundry room. It now has a table in the middle of the space and we have made it our TV area by the fireplace. This would be the front of the house. Isn't it cute? I now have some hanging baskets that hang in the arches and it's much greener around us. Accross the street is a pon where our neighborhood pets live. Behind us is a wide open feel so I don't feel like I live in a tiny neighborhood, five miles outside of town, on top of a hill. We had green food for St. Patricks day. Green jello, rolls, homemade spinach pasta and green chocolate chip cookies. That would be Shaylas business card on the top. She joins us for every meal.
Feeding the ducks and our house a little more decorated. That's our TV area looking into the kitchen.

This would by my bedroom. It's smaller but I'm ok with it because that space it put into our living space.
More of my room, I love my closet doors. They are gorgeous knobs that you can't see. The one on the right is the girls room. We had to get them a bunk for the time being so they had space for the dresser. They love it and make forts often. And there room never is that clean anymore.
The girls room again from the front door and the baby ducks that came to visit last week.

My bathroom and more baby ducks
My Music room. Another visitor in the neighborhood. The next one that comes to visit might become a pet. He is the same exact turtle as Tommy. Unfortuanlty we also have snapping turtles. Luckily though I havent seen any yet. I know what they look like though so you don't have to worry about me picking one up. This one we moved off the road so he didn't become turtle pancake.
One more of my music room. All my music stuff fits. Both pianos and the drumset. Now to finish the piano table/desk.